Cryptocurrency Reporting platform development work

Cryptocurrency is a major innovation that has grown to a multi trillion dollar industry. Indeed, it has been reported to be accountable for over $50 trillion of international settlement in 2021. We have teamed up with Info Rhino Data Solutions to develop powerful dashboard interfaces for their Web Data Platform and their eagerly awaited cryptocurrency market analytics website - Crypto Statto.

API Rhino, already a strategic outsourcing partner for Info Rhino Data Solutions seek have developed additional views and charting dashboard capability for their new cryptocurrency data platform.

In addition to adding new data visualisations to the already excellent Web Data Platform, we have helped develop analytics using info rhino's incredible Analyser Processor to generate analytics off of cryptocurrency time series data. The result will be an exciting and powerful tool for cryptocurrency traders on market trading signals. An outstanding piece of work for this new platform is the ECommerce functionality for handling payments from website users. We are planning to use Coinbase API to do this.

The technologies we employ to complete this work includes vega lite, litedb (a nosql document database similar to mongodb), dotnetcore MVC, chart.js, and associated javascript tabling libraries.