About API Rhino

API Rhino is a UK based Web Applications + Business Intelligence solutions provider. We work in association with partners; primarily with Info Rhino Data Solutions to provide and develop bespoke solutions. Few organisations begin to embrace business intelligence, let alone data mining. To be BI ready means considering reporting requirements at the heart of any new business requirement, always use the right tools for the job, and to always undertake as much requirements gathering as possible.

API Rhino helps companies use their data to save time, money and improve their effectiveness. Everywhere we look we are hearing about Data Driven Websites, Social Media, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Network Marketing and Cryptocurrency / Blockchain / NFTs. A lot of these terms are just narratives - all that matters to you is that we do understand these and can help your business. We have significant experience in developing Intelligence solutions and Data Driven Websites. Our clients demand effective, straightforward, and flexible solutions and that’s what they get.

We provide professional software development, website application development and data management. Development projects with business intelligence solutions developers. Designing data-centric systems for capturing, processing, analysing and displaying data.

We use a wide range of software and technologies - take a look at our 'toolkit' page for an indication of the software experience available to implement your application solution successfully - API Rhino 'Toolkit'